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Why Music Bingo?

Looking to spice up your work event, hen do, or virtual party? We provide musical bingo for private functions! Similar to the bingo we know and love, this version replaces the numbers with musical clips, which makes for an engaging and high-octane competition. For the pop culture virtuosos out there, musical bingo is hard to beat.


For a fun-filled experience with top-tier tunes, musical bingo is an easy sell for most private and public venues. Not only does it appeal to every age group and audience, but it’s also been proven to increase sales, especially when compared to other pub activities!


It’s an easy, low-commitment activity that lets people rock out to their favourite tunes. To sweeten the deal, non-monetary prizes will be offered to the illustrious winner.


How Does It Work?

A professional host runs musical bingo, with a high-quality setup that can accommodate any party venue or pub. You can book for a multitude of occasions:
We can even run it online, for those who want to jam from the comfort of their own home. In order to make this work, you need the following:
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Get in touch if you’d like to hire a host for musical bingo, or if you’d like to arrange regular appearances at your pub and venue. We look forward to hearing from you!
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