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Dylan Dunne.

Dylan Dunne is an open format DJ and musician from Dublin.  
At age 18, he would receive his first DJ setup and soon after booked his first pub gig, having already established connections from performing in bands. 
10 years later and Dylan is still actively working to establish himself as a prominent face in the Irish music scene. With a wealth of gigging experience, professional music training and education, Dylan is a sure thing when it comes to an evening’s entertainment. Boasting a broad music library, any occasion or event can be catered for. Currently found working through the Leinster area, Dylan can comfortably play house, disco, hip hop/r & b, alternative/indie and more or less anything else.
Thanks to his deep love for music and what he does, Dylan puts a level of care into his service that really ensures your night and audience reaches its full potential. 
Dylan has experience in venues like Hyde, Brewdog Outpost, RHK bars, Workmans Club and Academy, among many others.

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