Empire Events & DJs Blog Post #3

Another setback for our industry!
Where do we even start? Just as we taught, we could begin to get our blog going. It started off great on 22nd October. We returned with 100% Capacity. 28 days of 100% capacity. 18th November, we have to be cleared by midnight. 19 early nights later. 7th December comes along, and nightclubs have to shut. Venues are trying to adapt to the guidelines been put out. 47 days our industry was opened.

Like most, we invested into a busy Christmas season like in past years. But now, we see cancellations coming in for events planned for the festive season, with nearly most companies cancelling their Christmas celebrations.

Hopefully, we see all venues returning as our industry is slowly but surely dying. With some not reopening already, a perfect example of this would be Electric Galway / Halo announced that it would not be reopening in recent weeks, which would have been one of the biggest nightclubs in Galway. It’s sad to see this happen, but hopefully, it reopens.

But we’ve come this far throughout the most challenging times, so let’s hope 9th January brings some hope for our industry.

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